Thursday, September 18, 2014

If You Give a Mom a Load of Laundry

How many times do mothers try to multi-multi-multi-task while doing a mundane chore? Half the battle is just remembering everything that needs to get done in one day, and then trying to figure out an order to do it in, without forgetting anything, only to find out despite your best efforts, you still forgot something. This is pretty much my life every day. My brain is always spinning like my thoughts below. Sometimes I have a hard time getting to sleep at night because it just. won't. shut. up.

So, in honor of all mothers out there like me, here's a snippet of what my bossy brain told me to do, all in the time it took to fold a pile of laundry. In my head, it played like a version of "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie."

I've titled it, "If You Give a Mom a Load of Laundry"

If you give a mom a load of towels to fold on a Thursday night,
She'll think about the company coming for dinner on Sunday while she's folding them,
Which will remind her of the two roasts she has to pull from the freezer
Because they need time to thaw in the refrigerator,
Which will remind her she didn't make the meal she already had thawing in the fridge for dinner that night,
Because she got sidetracked by the applesauce she made that afternoon,
Which she was still canning when her husband came home for supper,
Because she had to put the applesauce on hold while she spent three hours carpooling kids from school and helping with homework,
Which will remind her she needs to sign reading charts for two of her kids and a conference slip for the other,
Because they all need to turn them in the next day to their teachers,
Which will remind her she still needs to email another teacher tonight about a freezer meal she made for a family in need,
Because that teacher was going to possibly deliver it tomorrow night to that family,
Which will remind her she needs to call her husband's side of the family,
Because she's still trying to figure out what to plan for her youngest child's birthday in a few weeks,
Which will remind her she still needs to put said child to bed,
Because it's waaaay past his bed time and he has school tomorrow,
Which will remind her that she forgot to bring up his school uniform for the next day, along with the towels she just folded, from the laundry room in the basement.
The end. 
This is the convoluted way my frazzled Mom Brain works. Oh, and yes, this was exactly my day. Well rather, just my afternoon and evening. This morning, my brain got a break while I went to MOPS.