Friday, May 14, 2010

When learning takes a backseat to having fun

My oldest son came home from school today and exclaimed, "Mom! We didn't do any learning today!"

Since my son is at school for eight hours a day, and I couldn't fathom how he could have missed learning something new in all those hours, I was a bit confused. "You didn't learn anything today?" I asked.

"No! Instead, we watched a movie, had two recesses, had gym class, had extra gym class and had popcorn and M&Ms!" he said, as he ticked off the list on his fingers.

I knew that night was the annual Parent Teacher Organization Ice Cream Social fundraiser at the school, so I figured the administration must have decided to make the whole day into a party for the students. Being the responsible parent I try to be, I made a point to emphasize how important it was to always try to learn something new every day, and wasn't he a little sad he didn't learn anything that day?

His response, "No! It was fun!"

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