Thursday, February 4, 2010

A must-have housecleaning tool

Anything that keeps me motivated and on task when it comes to keeping my house clean is a good thing. With three boys of my own, one husband and two day-care boys underfoot, my house can go from clean to dirty in five minutes flat. Which is why, when a friend told me about, I had to check it out.

My friend told me that for $8, I could download a year-long home-maintenance and cleaning chart that would help me get the house clean without feeling overwhelmed about it. I didn't really think that was possible. Just looking at the rooms in my house overwhelms me. She swore it was a miracle chart and that her house has never been so clean.

So I went to the Web site, looked it over and decided I would try it. It was definitely cheaper than hiring a maid, which I wish I had on a daily basis.

I paid my $8 and downloaded the weekly chart. It downloaded as a PDF file to my computer. The file contains 52 pages (one page per week), plus two blank menu-planning pages at the end. I can open the PDF document and print just the week I need. On the left side of each page is a list of simple chores I'm supposed to do daily. On the right side, it has each day of the week. Under each day, there is a small list of individualized chores to do for that day. Between the two lists, I'm hoping my house starts to sparkle in the next week.

This morning, I made three beds, cleaned the bathroom and kitchen sinks, cleaned the kitchen counters and table, dusted the living and dining rooms, and shook out the bathroom and kitchen rugs. All within 30 minutes. Tasks remaining on my list for today include cleaning the middle shelf in the refrigerator, sweeping and mopping the kitchen floor and wiping down the stove. The last task for today is scrapbooking or hobby time. I can't wait to get to that part.

So far, I'm liking the chart. I'm a list person by nature, but I'm not always the most organized. Sometimes it takes three drafts just to figure out a workable list for the day. I like to write my own lists of things to do and cross things off as I get them done. Sometimes I'll do a task, then add it to my list, just so I can cross it off. My lists serve as a visual reminder that I do more than wipe snotty noses, change dirty diapers and cater snacks and drinks to four hungry boys all day. This Motivated Moms chart seems like it will simplify and organize every chore and home-maintenance task for me, keeping me stress-free and the house ship-shape.

Now, off to clean that middle shelf in the fridge ...

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