Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cabin fever makes it hard to enjoy winter wonderland

Winter's mighty strength is nowhere near waning in my neck of the woods. According to this morning's forecast, more snow and colder temperatures are right around the corner. Cabin fever has officially settled in.

Yesterday I was so stir crazy, I bundled up my three young children and decided to do errands, despite the fact that my oldest didn't have school because of snow. Said snow had drifted the driveway shut, so while the boys waited in the van, I dug it out. After stowing the dratted shovel back in the garage, I gripped the steering wheel, gave myself a pep talk and attempted to back out. It took three tries. My shoveling skills leave a lot to be desired. Once safely out of the driveway, I was immediately faced with the next challenge: our street. Driving down it must be what it feels like to go off-roading in Alaska. While I gritted my teeth and tried to avoid the cars parked on the street, my boys squealed in delight over every bump and skid. My oldest actually asked me to go faster. 

My poor boys braved the bitter cold like it was one big adventure, while I muttered to myself about moving to a warmer climate. I'm hoping their enthusiasm gets them through the rest of the winter, because mine withered with the first cold-snap. Maybe a cup of hot chocolate would restore a little of my wonder at living in this winter-land ...

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